Why WinAgents TFTP Server?

WinAgents TFTP Server is a native windows service.

Unlike other TFTP servers, it does not have any performance trade-offs. Many other TFTP servers are initially designed as Windows applications, and later converted to services using SrvAny tool. It is easy to create server applications in this way, but these applications will never show performance of WinAgents TFTP Server.

WinAgents TFTP Server carefully implements TFTP RFCs and supports necessary TFTP options.

Unlike other TFTP servers, it can transfer files larger than 32 MB. WinAgents TFTP Server also uses TFTP 'blocksize' and 'timeout' options to enable faster data transfer in heavy-loaded networks.

WinAgents TFTP Server can transfer files through firewalls running NAT.

The TFTP protocol uses random UDP ports to transfer data between client and server. It makes TFTP transfer impossible when the traffic goes through a firewall. Some equipment handles TFTP traffic in a special way to pass it over, but most of firewalls discard TFTP transfers. Unlike other TFTP servers, WinAgents TFTP Server can transfer all data using a single UDP port which makes it compatible with any firewall.

WinAgents TFTP Server is created by professionals.

Unlike some other TFTP servers, which are developed by enthusiasts as a home-grown hobby, WinAgents TFTP Server is developed by a professional team focused on the product's quality, performance and stability. This makes WinAgents TFTP Server a better candidate for an enterprise environment.