TFTP ActiveX Control

WinAgents TFTP ActiveX Control is an ActiveX component that implements the client's side of TFTP protocol. You can download the free version of the component at downloads.

Key features of WinAgents TFTP ActiveX Control:

  • Complete support of RFC1350, RFC2347, RFC2348, RFC2349. The component supports TFTP options 'blocksize', 'tsize', 'timeout'. This allows optimizing file transfer between the clients and the server.
  • Supports transfer of files larger than 33MB. Many existing TFTP implementations do not support transfer of files larger than blocksize*65536. The block size being 512 bytes, the limitation is 33MB. The size of files that can be processed by WinAgents TFTP ActiveX Control is not limited.
  • Possibility of direct operations with TFTP options. The use of WinAgents TFTP ActiveX Control allows direct setting of names and values of options in order to implement the TFTP protocol own extensions.
  • Supports saving the component state. The component supports IPersistStreamInit and IPersistStorage interfaces, which makes possible convenient saving and recovery of the component state.
  • Possibility of receiving information on the file transfer. By using the interface of component events you can receive notifications about the file transfer beginning and finishing. It also makes possible processing of sent and received packets.
  • Royalty-free license You can distribute the component with your application without restrictions.

Supported Interfaces: ITFTPClient, _DTFTPClientEvents, IPersistStreamInit, IOleControl, IOleObject, IViewObjectEx, IOleInPlaceObject, ISupportErrorInfo, IConnectionPointContainer, PersistStorage, ISpecifyPropertyPages, IQuickActivate, IDataObject, IProvideClassInfo2.