TFTP Service

WinAgents TFTP Server

WinAgents TFTP Service is the main component of the program, processing clients' requests for files transmission via TFTP protocol. WinAgents TFTP Service is specially designed to maximum efficiency of processing a large number of TFTP requests. WinAgents TFTP Service characteristics let use it to build the most exigent productivity decisions, such as configuration management in broadband networks.

WinAgents TFTP Service Startup and Shutdown

You can start up and shut down WinAgents TFTP Server with WinAgents TFTP Server Manager. Use the menu commands Server->Start Local TFTP Server and Server->Stop Local TFTP Server for starting up and shutting down the server.

Besides, to start up and shut down WinAgents TFTP Service on your computer you can use Service Manager standard utility. According to the type of the operating system you use, it can be available in the menu Start->Administrative Tools->Services or in the Control Panel. To control the server status, select it from the list and use the corresponding command in Action menu.

Network Ports

After the startup WinAgents TFTP Service listens to the following ports to process the clients' requests.

  • UDP 69 port - for TFTP incoming requests.
  • TCP 12000 - for remote management of the server.
  • For file transmission the server opens UDP ports with random numbers. In case the option Enable firewall support is activated on the server, the server uses the same port for files transmission and listening to the TFTP incoming requests (UDP 69 port on default).

You can change port numbers using TFTP Server Manager utility.

TFTP Requests Processing

The server uses the following algorithm to process incoming TFTP request:

  • The server scans the requested path to the file and identifies the TFTP folder according to the path requested. In case the requested file corresponds to several TFTP folders, the folder with the highest nesting level will be chosen.
  • According to the client's IP-address and safety setting of the TFTP folder chosen, the server defines if the client has the right on the operation requested. In case the client does not have the right on the operation requested, the server sends back the error "Access denied". In case the authorization is success the server continues the request processing.
  • If file reading operation is requested, the server sends the file to the client.
  • If file writing operation is requested, the server checks if there is a file with the requested name in the TFTP folder, and then authorizes access according to "Upload processing" settings of the folder.

Server Configuration

To set the server parameters, TFTP Server Manager utility is used. Address the corresponding part of documentation to get information on its use.