About WinAgents Software

The WinAgents Software Group are developers of software for all Windows platforms. WinAgents specializes in VoIP technology, network applications, Windows services and database applications. We are experienced players in the IT arena, with our first development project dating back to 1999.

Our mission is to provide convenient and reliable solutions that simplify the routine daily tasks of datacom network administrators. Our solutions facilitate network operation data collection and analysis, with a view to forestalling emergency situations.

We at WinAgents excel in the field of network administration, due to a large extent to our hands-on experience as administrators. Many members of our team have at some time or other been responsible for very large networks. So our products are made BY administrators FOR administrators. We can provide viable solutions to administration problems because weï¿œve encountered these problems ourselves.

Our location:
Office 302, Dachny per.
Saransk, Russia,

Phone/Fax: +7 8342 231788
E-Mail: sales@winagents.com