TFTP Server Settings

WinAgents TFTP Server

You can modify the parameters of the current server using command Server->TFTP Server Settings: or corresponding button in the toolbar. The program displays Server Options window, shown in the picture.

Picture 3. TFTP Server Settings


General tab contains configuration parameters, related to processing of TFTP requests by the server.

  • TFTP server port - UDP port number, being used by server to receive TFTP requests for file transmission.
  • Enable firewall support - if you checked this option, TFTP server will use the same port number for both files transmission and TFTP requests receiving. Look at TFTP protocol part to get additional information.
  • TFTP timeout - TFTP session timeout in seconds.
  • Retries - number of repeated attempts of packet transmission by the server in case of timeout.
  • Interface bindings
    • Listen to available interfaces - TFTP sever processes clients' requests, received from any network interface
    • Listen to the following interfaces only - TFTP sever processes clients' requests, received from selected network interfaces
  • Increase server process priority - if this option is set, the server increases the priority of its process. This option is recommended for use in case if TFTP server is highly loaded, and also for high requirements to TFTP requests processing.
  • Ignore invalid requests - if it is checked, the server does not send TFTP ERROR packets to the client. Look at TFTP protocol part to get additional information.
  • Do not resend ACK in case of timeout - if it is checked, the server does not retry to send TFTP ACK packets in case of timeout. Earlier standard of TFTP protocol used to have vulnerability, called Sorcerer's Apprentice Syndrome (SAS). This vulnerability, under certain conditions, could lead to exponential traffic growth in the net. Current protocol versions are free from this problem. However, if you use clients, realizing earlier versions of TFTP protocol, it's recommended to switch option to protect from SAS.


Logging tab contains parameters, related to server operations logging.

  • Enable logging - if it is checked, the server saves operations log.
  • Log level - detail level of operations logging. Debug level intends tracing for more detailed information.
  • Number of files - number of log files. The server rotates log files every day.
  • Log directory - path to the folder for saving log files. The server process must have the rights, enough for writing files to that folder.


Administration tab contains settings of administrative access to TFTP server.

  • Server administrators - list of users and groups, having the right to connect to the server via TFTP Server Manager. On default built-in administrators group of the current computer and the user, who installed TFTP server, are added to this list.
  • Use TCP port for administration - TCP port number, being used for server administrating.